Test methods

We carry out the following test methods as standard: 

  • Tensile test from -80 °C to +250 °C 
  • Bending test from -80 °C to +250 °C 
  • Creep tensile test 
  • Impact and notched impact strength according to Charpy and Izod and Dynstat 
  • Instrumented puncture test 
  • Ball indentation and Shore hardness 
  • Heat deflection temperature 
  • Vicat softening temperature 
  • Fiber length analysis 
  • Infrared spectroscopy 
  • Density 
  • Ash content 
  • Fogging behavior 
  • Test specimen preparation 
  • Conditioning 
  • Thermal storage 

With our network of qualified test laboratories, we offer a comprehensive range of test methods.



So that we can carry out the tests correctly, we know all the necessary regulations from the DIN and ISO committees.

Our very special knowledge consists in knowing and applying the often complex relationships between the test standards, the standards for test specimen geometries and their manufacture, the molding compound standards and the standards for determining the comparable characteristic values.

We are happy to pass this knowledge on to our customers.


Testing technology

We use high-quality equipment that we regularly modernize to test the plastics. We value the top performance that engineers in German medium-sized companies provide. We maintain a very close professional exchange with our suppliers.

For the mechanical tests we use four universal testing machines, two pendulum impact testers and an instrumented drop weight tester from ZwickRoell in Ulm.

The ISOCHRONOS® test station newly built by us in 2015 is an in-house development. This test system enables the determination of isochronous stress-strain curves of plastics within a broad requirement profile with regard to tensile stress and test temperature. During development and construction, we bundled our own engineering knowledge with the craftsmanship from our network. The strain detection is done with components from Leica Camera AG Wetzlar and the data analysis on Apple computer systems.