Red Panda

Since our company was founded, we have developed into an important point of contact for the plastics industry in the specialist field of physical tests.

Our clientele mainly extends to the European area.

We feel particularly connected to the Rhine-Main area, this is where our roots lie.

And so it is important for us to support attractive institutions in this region.

We are pleased to have been able to support the Opel Zoo in Kronberg with an animal sponsorship since June 2008.


The Opel Zoo is a leisure and cultural facility known far beyond the borders of Frankfurt, especially for families. Located between Kronberg and Königstein, it is generously embedded in the green slopes of the Taunus and is home to over 1400 animals.




We have chosen "Matt" for our sponsorship. Matt is a red panda (Ailurus fulgens), also called a cat bear.

We got to know this animal species during a trip through the Chinese province of Sichuan. There the preservation of this animal species is met with great commitment in care and rearing stations. Because of their appearance and behavior, cat bears are very popular with zoo visitors.

Like our society, Matt saw the light of day in July 2007. Together with his female partner "Luri", he sired many offspring before his death in spring 2020, and these are now being looked after and researched in other zoos around the world as part of species conservation programs.


Now we are happy that we have been able to support a little panda again since summer 2020. It's called "Tao".

Like Matt before him, Tao has already provided for offspring with his partner Mai-Ling. On June 8, 2021, two young female cat bears were born. In the first three months they still live in the den. Only then do they begin to get to know their surroundings.

Of course, we are particularly happy about the first offspring of our godparent Tao.

Little cat bears were also born in 2022. Tao and Mai-Ling have had two little boys. On June 16, 2022 they saw the light of day. The two are called “Anzan” (“quiet mountain”) and “Abhayo” (“the fearless one”). We are proud of Tao and of course his partner Mai-Ling.