on current occasion

We – polymerphys IK – are deeply affected by the current conflict situation in Eastern Europe.

We condemn in the strongest possible terms the military aggression of a single person against a sovereign country. We interpret this private war of aggression as an attack on all peaceful countries in the world.
We stand in solidarity with all people who have become victims of this aggression. Likewise, we stand in solidarity with all people who stand up and raise their voices against the aggressor.

Differences can only be resolved through constructive dialogue. There is no gain in gun violence. A military conflict always leads to a lose-lose situation for both sides.

For us, the values of the free world are the guarantee of peace, prosperity and security.
On this basis we provide our services for our customers worldwide.
On this basis, we have answered material testing questions in a joint dialogue, particularly with our customers in Eastern Europe. We will stick to it undeterred.

At the same time, we welcome all developments aimed at strengthening democracy and granting human rights in order to strengthen peace.

Knut Laumen, February 28, 2022